Standing Officers

Pastor Reverend Danny L. Slater
Ordained Minister Reverend James Daniels
Ordained Deacon Robert Wiley
Ordained Deacon Preston Stover
Ordained Deacon Major (Red) Hall
Ordained Deacon Thomas Stoots

Elected Officers

Clerk Mattie Riley
Assistant Clerk Angela McGinnis
Secretary Mattie Riley
Sunday School Director Orville/Brenda Johnson
Asst Sunday School Director Open
WAC President Amy Daggett
WAC Vice-President Brenda Johnson
Music Director Orville Johnson
Assistant Music Director Tom Stoots
Chief Usher Lloyd Hill
Assistant Chief Usher OPEN
Christian Education Director Michael Ringel
Master's Men President Charles Baughman
Master's Men Vice-President Dan Baker
Primary Church Director Debbie Lezotte
Youth Ministry Director Ed/Donna Rakes
Youth Ministry Asst Director Charlie/Rhonda Baughman
Trustee Board Dave Zalba
Ed Hall
Floyd Perry
Lee Master
Art Daggett
Advisory Board Kim Slater
Connie Wiley
Ivanell Stover
Donna Hall
Irma Stoots
Matt Springstead
Brenda Johnson
Amy Hall
Dan Baker
Rhonda Baughman

Revised August 14, 2017

* All Department Heads (assistants excluded), the Pastor's wife, and all
Ordained Deacon's wives are automatically members of the Advisory Board