From a small store front building to a strong, beaming, beacon light stands the Rouge Free Will Baptist Church. In 1944, God, in His infinite wisdom, sent a home missionary team of four people from the State of West Virginia to the Detroit, MI area. These visionaries ventured downriver into the small community of River Rouge, a town composed mainly of blue-collar workers. The site selected for the church, 73 East James Street, was in the residential area of the town, not on it's main thoroughfare. For more than sixty one years the doors of 73 East James Street remained open and served as a haven of rest for God's children as they continually strove to spread the gospel and invite a lost world into the safe haven that only God can provide; a safe haven that throughout the years has been blessed with spiritual leaders and dedicated church families that have carried on that commitment that began on February 29, 1944.

From the beginning, at 73 East James Street in River Rouge, to today at 221 Ford Avenue in Wyandotte, our church dedicates the sanctuary and facilities to the continuance of His work and service. We praise the Lord for His goodness and we thank Him for providing us with the opportunities to serve that we all share.

Earthly rewards are not what we seek at Rouge Free Will Baptist Church. We are humbled by references to our church as a "church filled with prayer warriors" and even more humbled by references to the "walking miracles" that are proof of the healing power of God brought on through the effectual prayer of His children. And we do not take these spiritual and physical miracles lightly, fully understanding that with them come obligations on our part. We continually thank God and praise Him in prayer and worship for the great and mighty works He has performed here.

We will always be a church that seeks His wisdom as we continue to carry on the vision implanted back in 1944 by those four missionaries, a vision that continues to be carried out today by the wonderful spiritual church leaders and dedicated church families that make us the Rouge Free Will Baptist Church.